The Order of World Scouts.
Grand Scout Masters and other Officers

Order of World Scouts, main Office Holders

Grand Scoutmaster.


Sir Francis Vane bt 1911-1912

Colonel Frederick Charles Keyser 1909

Albert Jones Knighton 1913-1926

Sir Francis Vane bt 1909-1913

Rt Hon Lord Alington 1926-1932

Samuel Nalty Manning 1932-1967

Vice President.

Percy Herbert Pooley in-charge 1967-1971

Prince Di Cassano of Italy

Charles A Brown in-charge 1971-1983

Charles A Brown 1983-1992

Honorary President.

Edward E Scott 1993-2000

Mrs G White Brebble 1932.

Rev'd Michael John Foster 2000-

Viscount Milton 1939.

The Rt Hon The Earl of Fitzwilliam 1948.

Assistant Grand Scoutmaster, Britain.

The Reverend Bill Dowling 1997.

Captain Masterman 1911-1912.

L C Hobbs 1914-1926.

Chief Commissioner for Britain.

W G Whitby 1909-1911

Assistant Grand Scoutmaster, South Australia.

Percy Herbert Pooley 1926-1971

Joseph Regis-Coory 1911-1914

Charles A Brown 1971-1983

Rev'd Michael John Foster 1983-2000

Assistant Grand Scoutmaster, South Africa.

David Cooksely 2000-

H C Edwards-Carter 1911-1914
Chief Commissioner for Australia.
Assistant Grand Scoutmaster, France. Robert Cambell 1991-
Monsieur Augustin Dufresne 1911-1914
Chief Commissioner for Canada.
Bill Nangle 1999-


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