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Simple and effective solutions for the Christian Chiurch,
that will provide a presence on the World Wide Web.

A Web Page Design Service.

1)  The design of a simple, but effective web page or pages, that loads fast when accessed.
Photographs, logos, graphics and animated pictures (ani-gifs) can be added.
Links can be added to pages of other organisations.

2) If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has given you your own Web Space, we will assist you in placing your page(s) and graphics, on your own Web Space. If you do not have any Web Space, WPD will assist you in gaining your own web space.

3) The registration of your web pages with the major search engines. This allows those who are searching, a chance to find you i.e. If your page is about a shop in Rugby that sells music, the key words "shop" "Rugby" and "music" should find you.

4) To update your pages when requested, and to add additional pages.


The creation of the Web Site.
£50:00 (Sterling) for a simple Web Page.
£75:00 - £150-00 for a more complex Web Page.
£50:00 - £75-00 per subsequent page. These prices include the scanning of photographs into Web graphics, and the typing of text (up to 300 words). Clear pre-typed electronic text accepted - no extra cost - up to 2000 words (i.e as output from a Computer Word Processor, saving us from having to re-type the text). Where requested links will be provided to other Internet Sites.
£10:00 - £20:00 per page to update information.

If you have you own Web Space and you require Web Page design to upload your pages.
If we are acquainted with your ISP, uploading your pages to your own Web Space will be an additional £20, plus travel to your premises. If you have a ISP, and Web space - you can upload the page yourself, this will save further costs.

For most Web Sites clients will need to budget for around £300  to  £500

Additonal Costs:

Assistance in setting up your own Web Space.
If needed, we will assist in setting up a Web Site with your own Internet Service Provider (assuming the ISP allocate Web Space as part of their Service). This will cost £40-00 (minus any discount if we are familiar with the ISP) plus if required, £40 per hour at your location (including travelling expenses) to set up the Internet connection on your own Computer.

Tutorials on uploading Sites.
Tutorials on uploading Sites and Web Page creation (plus the free provision of freeware, or shareware software) £40-00 per hour, (if required at your home location, - but this involves additional costs to cover travel if outside of the Dorset area).


Please telephone for a discussion of your needs. We can then send a written quotation, preceding any agreement.


(UK) 01258 830764
+44 1258 830764

or - e.mail wpd@webpages.free-online.co.uk

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