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Years Organization Operations
1907 Record of local scout groups only (W.A. & Victoria)
1908 Chums Scout Patrols (Merged with British Boy Scouts 1910)
League of Boy Scouts (Promoted by Sunday Times & R.C. Packer ceased c1914)


Boys' Brigade Scouts (Scheme discontinued in 1927)
1909 Imperial Boy Scouts (Became Australian I.B.S. Disbanded during 1939-45 war)
1909 Church Scout Patrols (Part of Anglican Church Lads' Brigade. Ceased by 1912)
Australian League of Boy Scouts Qld (Affiliated to U.K. Boy Scouts Association  July 1910 and changed name to League of Baden-Powell Boy Scouts, Qld Section then to Boy Scout's Association, Qld Section 1914) (Merged as branch of Boy Scout's Association 1926)
1909 Girl Peace Scouts (Absorbed by V.A.D.s 1914-18 war and Girl Guides 1920s)
(Last Troop, Lindasfarne Tasmania, ceased 1935)
1909 British Boy Scouts (Ceased activity in Australia c1950s but retains members)
(Still active as a registered charity in U.K.)
1910 Australian Boy Scouts (Merged with Imperial Boy Scouts to become A.I.B.S.)
1912 Gippsland Boy Scout Association (Affiliated with Australian Imperial Boy Scouts)
1914 The Boy Scout's Association (Originally Baden-Powell Boy Scouts; formed Dec.1909 in UK)
(now The Scout Association) 1914 - N.S.W. Section formed
1914 - N.S.W. Section formed
1920/21 - Tasmanian, S.A. and W.A. Sections formed
1923 - Victorian Section formed
1926 - Queensland Branch formed
1958 - Australian branch formed
???? Methodist Boy Scouts (W.A.) (Troops affiliated with Boy Scouts Association after 1924)
1921 Life Saving Scouts (Salvation Army) (Succeeded by Boys' Legion in 1970s)
1922 Norfolk Island Boy Scouts (Registered with The Boy Scouts Association 13/5/1930)
1927 Catholic Boy Scouts' Association (Society of St. Vincent de Paul - NSW. & Qld.)
1939 Blue Boy Scouts (St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Mt. Morgan, Qld.)
(Previously Boys' Brigade Scouts 1910-27.
Affiliated to League of Boy Scouts 1910-27 then Scout Association 1934-39)
(Independent 1939-57)
1940s Ukrainian Scouts Plast Ukrainian Youth Association of N.S.W. Ltd.
Plast Ukrainian Scouts in Victoria (Limited)
Plast Ukrainian Youth Association in Adelaide, S.A. Inc.
Plast Ukrainian Youth Association in Brisbane, Qld.
Lithuanian Scouts
Australian Latvian Scouts & Guides
Estonian Scouts
Russian Scout Association- ORUR
Hungarian Scouts
Polish Scouts
1950s Hellenic Scouts (Ceased activity 1972 but remains an interest group)
Maltese Scouts ( unknown )
Australian Association of Scouts in Exile (AASE) (formed in N.S.W.)
Ethnic Scouts and Guides in Victoria (ESGAV)
Ethnic Scout & Guides of South Australia (ESGOSA)
1970s Vietnamese Scouts (Ceased activity 1972 but remains an interest group)
1981 1st Devonport Scouts (Began 1909 YMCA, independent 1981, affiliated B-P Scouts 1985)
1982 Baden-Powell Scouts The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association Ltd.
The Baden-Powell Association (S.A.) Inc.
The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association (Tasmania) Inc.
1986 Scouts of Australia (Originally "Independent Scouts")
(Incorporated as limited liability company)
(Australian affiliate & successor to British Boy Scouts)
2001 Scouts of Australia (Change of name to "Independent Australian Scouts")