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[B-P SCOUTS] Name : Baden-Powell Scouts Association (UK)
WebPage : http://www.scoutnet.org.uk/bpscouts/
Email : Laurie Dring

Name : Pinawa Chapter of Scouting & Guiding, Canada
Web Page : http://www.eastman.freenet.mb.ca/mall/scouts/
Email :

[POLISH SCOUTS] Name : Polish Scouting Asscoiation, Inc
Web Page : http://www.ace.unsw.edu.au/zhpweb/zhp.htm
Email : Robert Czernkowski

[RUSSIAN SCOUTS] Name : National Organization of Russian Scouts - Australia
Web Page : http://rampages.onramp.net/%7Elporans/nors.htm
Email : Nikita Gileff

Name : Order of World Scouts
Web Page : http://www.netpages.free-online.co.uk/worldscouts/worldscouts.htm
Email : The Grand Scoutmaster