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What Independent Australian Scouts does

The objects of Independent Australian Scouts are:
(i) To help youths lead satisfying and purposeful lives as responsible and resourceful members of the community by promoting their personal and social development and welfare in accordance with the Scouts' Promise.
(ii) To promote and co-ordinate the principles, methods and practice of Scouting, to encourage the formation of bodies of scouts throughout Australia and otherwise to act as trustee and patron for Scouts and the Scout Movement.
Independent Australian Scouts aims to achieve its objects by providing support to groups of scouts and assisting co-ordination and co-operation between groups. Such resources and assistance include:
Trusteeship of property
Communication between groups of scouts
Award scheme & badges
Literature, posters & certificate proformas
Group signs & flags
Information & equipment exchange between groups of scouts
Scout group management & accounting kits
Incorporation kits & advice
Leader training guidance
Information and advice
Group insurance schemes
A public contact service