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What is Independent Australian Scouts?

Scouting is a Movement, not a single organization. The Scout Movement is made up of many different organizations, including :-

Local associations of Scouts (Scout Groups),

Church Scouts,

Ethnic Scouts,

Central associations.

Other than Scouts of Australia central associations have included the :-

League of Boy Scouts,

Australian Imperial Boy Scouts,

British Boy Scouts,

Church Scout Patrols (Anglican Church),

Life Saving Scouts (Salvation Army),

Catholic Boy Scout's Association,

Plast Ukrainian Scouts Association in Victoria Ltd.

A movement is based on common ideals, practices and aims and cannot be controlled by any one person or organization. In the past there have been attempts by one organization to gain absolute control of the Scouts. Scouts of Australia exists to protect the interests and the diversity of scouts and to bring together all scout organizations.